Xenomorph Genocide Alien InvasionšŸ‘¾Kill All Humans

Command the genocide of the human race by plague of xenomorph style aliens in this alien strategy game!

Evolve your alien species into terrifying killing machines adept at the slaughter of all life on Earth!

Plan the ultimate strategy for the alien invasion of Earth! Invade and infest the world by the destruction of cites and the massacre of their people.

The skyline burns with the streaks of a thousand meteors hurtling towards Earth. Each meteor carries a monster from another world. Perfected by the natural selection of a thousand wars, each alien creature is programmed for sole purpose of planetary domination. The swarm of vicious invaders closes in for the kill. Ravaged to death, a darkness sweeps over the planet as the human race now face extinction.

In the pursuit of becoming the perfect organism you will:
šŸ§¬EVOLVE your alien army!
šŸ‘¾UNLEASH the swarm!
šŸ’„šŸ™ļøDESTROY cities!
šŸ’€KILL 1000s!

Unique Features:
ā— Annihilate entire cities in real time with smooth, dynamic gameplay.
ā— Unlock fierce new aliens to bring civilisation to its knees.
ā— Evolve your aliens into the perfect killing organisms.
ā— Attack and conquer over 170 countries.
ā— Develop a strategy for each new and unique generated map.
ā— Fight in epic ground warfare against troops and tanks trying to defend Earth.
ā— Plan your master strategy to break through earth’s defense.

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