Winx Club: Magic bakery

Welcome to the magical school of Fairy Alfea!
One of the most prestigious schools in the World of Magic opens its doors to new students! Are you ready to become one of the fairies and meet your favorite characters from the animated series Winx?
In the magic school opened an amazing bakery with all possible sweets. Learn to cook with magic, using spells, potions. And you will find a secret from the chef!
In your fabulous kitchen there is a stove, oven, mixer, tools, forms for cupcakes, candles, jewelry, crystals and more! let’s choose which cupcakes to cook for the Winx club! Take the recipe and add the ingredients in order. Pour the cream and add the coconut and vanilla! How lovely! Become a chef, get ready for a magical kitchen, bake cupcakes and sweet treats for guests at a cool party!

Meet your favorite fairies from the Winx Club, including Bloom, Stella, Leila, Flora, Muse, Tekna, Professor Palladium and Daphne. You are waited for not only adventures and magic – but also amusing cooking.

Peculiar properties:
– Play as your favorite fairy: Bloom, Stella, Aisha, Flora, Musa, Tecna
– Unique and fun recipes of sweets: cakes, muffins, pies, ice cream
– Variety of design: icing, vanilla cream, chocolate, caramel
– Tasty filling: strawberry, banana, orange, Apple
– Fantastic shapes for cupcakes

Winx club: a magical bakery is waiting for you, are you ready to start your magical journey into the world of baking?
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