Traffic rider 3D lite ads

Motorcycles are back!
The phantom motorcycles set off a storm in the city’s motorcycle race!
The ultimate speed, instant reaction, and supreme judgment are indispensable!
Become the strongest motorcyclist in the city! Challenge the legendary racing!

 Dozens of premium motorcycles:
A variety of super-class motorcycles, streamlined body, a variety of gears, different speeds to meet different needs of the game! Upgrade the configuration to build a your favourite motorcycle chariot!

 Unique motorcycle modification system:
You can upgrade your motorcycle configuration here, transform your motorcycle, change the color, choose your favorite appearance and equipment!
Create a real motorcycle that belongs to you only!

 Rich game modes:
4 modes: main line mode, endless mode, time mode, free mode!
Mainline mode: There are a variety of levels with rich rewards.
Endless mode: challenge the limits, challenge yourself, break the history and get the highest score!
Time mode: Arrive at the specified location within the specified time!
Free mode: Free to explore the game and enjoy the charm of the game!

 Unique single & double channel mode:
Challenge to avoid more vehicles in your lane! Traveling back and forth on the road, you must fall in love with this feeling!

What are you waiting for? Come on! Feel the thrill of motorcycles!Download Traffic rider 3D lite ads for free
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