Tap Tap Turret – Raise Idle Clicker Tower

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✭✭✭ An addictive idle clicker game ✭✭✭

The world where many alien robot corps invaded
A small turret left alone in a secluded field
A lot of enemies are pushed to destroy the turret …

Destroy the robots by yourself and upgrade the turret to kill all the alien robotic corps in the world!

[Game Features]

Simple and intuitive operation !!!
Cool attack through unlimited tapping !!!
An addictive game different from simple idle games !!!

Decorate your tower with various colors!
Upgrade your weapons from four different trees to the final level!

[Upcoming upgrade]

Different ranking systems
Various quests and rewards
Additional stages!
Additional turret placement system!
More weapons !!!

[Developer contact information]
Official Cafe:
Contact: +821095911696
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