(sponsor) BANATOON: Treasure hunt!

★ Benefit ★
1) Remove Top Banner Advertising.
2) Remove Gameover Video Advertising.
3) Remove Gameover Popup Advertising.
4) Unlimited use of Turn Back Time.

★ let’s go with BANATOON to find the treasure and go to the legendary golden city! ★
Always be careful!
A journey to find treasure is never easy.
Tons of traps and danger lurks in every corner.

Make the right choice!
You can find hidden treasures or fall into a trap based on your choices.
Move carefully and make sure to check the floor and the ceiling for traps.

But don’t worry too much!
It’s still going to be a fun-filled adventure in search of treasure.
So, shall we head to the legendary golden city with BANATOON to find treasure~?Download (sponsor) BANATOON: Treasure hunt! for free
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