SCREAM QUEENS – Gmod Slashers

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“Mmmph h-hullo?”
“Hey, Wes. Its me again.”
“Wha- Skeet? Jesus, what time is it?”
“I dunno, I’m pretty railed right now. Me, Matt and Jamie just did a pile of blow and cranked out a script for “Scream 5: The Revenge of Billy Loomis”. Wanna take a look at it?”
“You know I’ve been dead for like two years now, right?”
“We could even put a five where the S should be, y’know.”
“How did you even get this number?”
(muffled) “Yeah, Matt, I just told him about the five thing! Shut up! I think he’s into it.”
“Hello? Wes? Shit… How do you even pronounce ‘5cream’ anyways?”

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