Saving Galaxy – Galaxy Wars


Defeat opponents and be the top of the galactic galaxy star wars.

Depress the fire button for a missile. The missile speed increases when depressing the fire button continuously. Guide the missile from a stationary launch pad to the top of the screen to blow up the invading fleet of armed UFOs while dodging meteorites and bombs.

As : Galaxy Wars, choose and build up your legendary spaceship and squadron with a destructive weapons system to fight back the alien’s invader, space robots and chicken. In the fierce and bloody Galaxy Wars, can you become a galactic hero?

– You will experience more than 100+ space battles with your legendary fleet of aircraft.
– To attack and defeat the enemy in the galactic battle Galaxy War II you have the help of the legendary aircraft. These aircraft possess powerful attacks such as laser guns, sonic weapons, nuclear missiles to attack the enemy and infinity shields to protect your spacecraft…
– However, the strength of the enemy is constantly increasing, to attack and crush your enemies you must continue to upgrade your aircraft and weapons. Get the material you need by shooting down enemies. The more enemies are killed, the more chance you can collect material for your galactic weapon.
– This galaxy shooting games have a variety of combat field with different enemy characteristics (space chicken, alien) during each phase of the war called Galaxy War II force you to show your squadron leadership in fighting against space enemies and protecting your galaxy.
Start your spaceship engines and join to this ultimate galactic war game.
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