Pretend Play Village Life: Fun Farm in Little Town

Pretend play village life lets you explore, discover and enjoy farmer lifestyle on the best farm in the town. Starts role-playing as farmer to enjoy his entertaining and busy life. Take care of horse stable, grow multiple crops, milking the cow and manage the hen poultry business to grow the village farm. Now enter this fun world of adventures and secret rooms to explore and play self-defined game play to create your own creative life story on town village.

Village Farm Places to Explore!

Village farm is full of creative and learning stuff which will surely entertain you. Explore hen barn, horse stable, cow dairy shed, crops fields and farmhouse areas. Open-ended game play will allow you to create your own life story by letting you play with stuff as you like. Tap, drag and arrange stuff for cleaning the farming area like a manager. People with autism or autistic nature will also enjoy this oddly satisfying pretend games. Fly to the town from city airport and don’t need to stay at hotel why not try the farm house. Play as farmer, animals lover or just as a curious world explorer to enjoy all fun stuff.

Farm Fields

Plant wheat, vegetable and corn seeds, water them in each farming land and grow crops. Wait for crops harvesting till it ripens. Harvest the ripe fruits, veggies, wheat and corn to sell it in the supermarket.

Cow Dairy Shed

In cow home you can feed hay to cow, clean up the mess and milk the cow. Place the cow milking machine to milk cow and fill milk in bottles. Seal and pack the dairy bottles in boxes and load them on the truck to deliver it in grocery super store. Cow dairy farm process is just like a mini milk factory.

Hen Barn

In hen house you can feed the hens, collect their eggs and place them in egg hatching machine. Manage the temperature to hatch the eggs and get beautiful chicks. Increase the poultry by hatching more eggs to grow the farm.

Horse Stable

Feed the horses, dress up them with riding stuff and ride the horses in the village fields. Take care of horse stable by cleaning it. Arrange the scattered stuff to clear the messy areas. Enjoy horse riding as much you want.

Farm House

In farm house you can make family of characters stay and play with them. Explore different exciting rooms like toilet, bedroom, closet room and many more. Keep the house clean and tidy in this pretend play village life games.

Live close to nature in village world to explore simple but creative stuff which will make you happy. Be the best gardener and animal lover to take care of cattle and poultry. Now download this pretend play village life game and have amazing fun time.
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