Planet Racer: Space Drift

Try a new free racing game with a drift mechanic! πŸ˜‰
Control your cars and try to complete all levels. Collect coins and unlock new cars. Take a part in race! πŸšπŸš“

✈ In this driving game you can buy a motorbike, aircraft, tractor, space shuttle, airplane, boat, ufo, train, bus and other transport modes. πŸš€βš“

Take part in a racing battles. The race is not waiting! πŸ†
Step on the gas and get to speed that guide you through the universe! Just download this free fun game on your phone and start your journey. 🌌

Use racing fuel and monitor your parameters. πŸ”₯
Surprise your friends with fantastic records.

Simple control. Tap to the left to start the movement and to the right to drift. Easy to start but hard to master. Challenge the trials!

Become the best racer in the universe. πŸŒ‘

Car drift racing has never been so easy and fun before. Go to the app every day. Try new levels and get a great reward! πŸ‘‘
Complete all levels and unlock all cars. πŸš—πŸš—πŸš—
Become the best racing driver and get the championship title.

Follow a basic rules:

* Choose your car ✈
* Make a lot of money πŸ’Έ
* Use fun drift πŸš€
* Perform tasks πŸ’Ž
* Watch the time βœ”
* Become a champion 🌠

We are waiting for you on the track!
Download Planet Racer: Space Drift for free
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