Patrick Neighbor. Sponge’s Friend

Bob came to the bottom neighborhood of the city and settled next to the neighbor whose name is Patrick. You thought he was very kind. He always says hello to strangers. You have learned that he works in a fast food restaurant which is famous for its crab burgers. After some time, the sponge learned that the secret burger recipe was stolen.

Very soon, Bob began to notice that your old neighbor Patrick began to behave discreetly. He always looks around and installed surveillance cameras around his house… You decided to find out if he is related to this robbery. Try to get into the house and find evidence. Feel like a detective in the house of your strange sponge’s neighbour.

Your curious character Bob should sneak to Patrick’s house unnoticed. If he sees you then it will catch you immediately! You can run away and hide in your sponge house, hide under the beds in his house. Escape it if he will chase you!

The game has been implemented all your wishes. You can change the sensitivity control settings as you like. The game provides you with wide opportunities. You can pick up items and throw them at the sea star neighbor to stun him, it will give you some time to escape!

You always wanted to be a detective. Find the secret burger recipe and return it to the owner! In addition to the recipe, the restaurant lost money. You saw that your sponge’s neighbor Patrick bought a luxury yacht-car. He could not afford to buy it at the salary of the chef of the small restaurant. If he is involved in this – you have to figure it out.

Try and Enjoy the best game simulator of Bob in the underwater bottom world!
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