Overcraft 3

Overcraft 3 is a survival sandbox game. Survive, gather, hunt, build, explore, and do much more.

Integrate tutorial system for new players.

* Open-ended gameplay without goals
* Survive: Gather resources in the day, survive hunger and hordes of monsters in the dark
* Mine for ores and other treasures.
* Build what you want, one block at a time. There are hundreds of decorative blocks and objects
* Craft better tools, items or blocks to progress
* Explore the various biomes of the Overworld, or build a portal to the Nether
* Farming: Till the ground and grow your own crops
* Animals: Many different animals roam the world and interact with it. Feed, breed or slaughter them (you monster!)
* Build a railway system and have fun with minecarts
* Build complex machines and automate some processes with redstone circuits
In Creative Mode you can build almost anything without limits

Bonus features
Built-in Help with entries about all the items
Height limit increased to ca. +30900
More stairs, slabs and fences
River water (in valleys mapgen only)
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