One Line Drawing

One Line Drawing
One Line Drawing is a daily puzzle game that will invigorate the brain. Easy rule, bring huge brain challenge. Just try to use one tap to connect all lines on the screen.
In this full of fun and ingenuity game, you will find lots of interesting puzzle and daily challenge. When you are free or in small break, such as taking bus/subway, you can play this game to exercise your brain, improve your memory and attention.
One Line Drawing will provide you
★Over one hundred challenge sets. Totally free to play.
★Daily Challenge. Challenge yourself everyday, make your brain more smart.
★Game Prompts. If you really do not know how to connect all lines in one step, do not worry, just go ahead to summon prompts.
You can take a screenshot to your friend and let them know which level you are in.
Only 1% of the players can solve some part of puzzle. Are you ready to Challenge yourself?
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