NIGHT TERRORS – Emily Wants to Play Too

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Day 4,

I am still currently hiding behind the curtains, the time is finally drawing near.

Days previous, Elyse came to me in the middle of an edit with a fantastic idea. All it would take, a few minutes of my time and lying in wait in the old office to scare the guys while they played a new scary game.

I can only allude to the game play recording having been pushed back since no one has been in the office since the extended lunch break return for Dude Soup’s recording. I can hear Elyse’s voice on this episode, and I want to call out to ask if I should keep this charade going, but I also cherish my hiding spot and would hate to give it up so easily. I try texting her phone; “Who’s this and is that a California phone number?” Apparently the number Elyse gave me connected me with a young adult man from the Connecticut hemisphere. The phone died only moments later.

I return to this journal entry hours later for the lights have finally turned down and I can feel the atmosphere in the room shift. It is beginning. The thoughts of relieving my bowels evacuate my foreground thoughts almost immediately. As their recording starts, I steal a glance through the curtains part: it’s a sequel to Emily Wants to Play. I need to plan my approach very carefully.

I try to stifle the sloshing and gurgling in my stomach caused from rancid food foraged from the fridge, and the numerous treats that were thrown carelessly for Benson, but were either ignored or never found. I am the Bear Grylls of my generation, and I could flourish here if events forced my hand.

The time feels nigh.

I pull my anime mask down.

Let’s get to work.

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