Music Tiles 2018

More than 10 million users have downloaded Music Tiles 2018 and performed beautiful music with it!

Online piano contest is on! Join the game now and compete with more than 10 million music fans around the world. Be the first to complete the hit songs and win free gems!

Have you ever dreamed of playing classic songs like Little Star, Canon or Jingle Bells on a piano?
Now your dream can come true with Music Tiles 2018! With Music Tiles 2018 you can play piano like a skilled pianist. It’s incredibly easy and amazingly fun! With Music Tiles 2018 your mobile phone becomes a magic piano. You can play your favorite songs simply by tapping on your phone!

Music Tiles 2018 is very easy to play. The rule is simple. Tap piano black tiles to play the music. Watch out for white tiles and don’t miss any piano black tiles!

1. Beautiful graphics and excellent sound effect.
2. High quality songs of various styles, including classic, romantic and modern composers.
3. Regular updates of new songs.
4. Endless mode. You can enter endless mode by tapping the fast play button.

Download Music Tiles 2018 and perform piano on your phone!Download Music Tiles 2018 for free
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