Microw Craft: Building & Crafting

Do you like games about the world of cubes? Then this game is just for you!
Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or get into the wilds of the world in the mode of survival, making weapons and armor to fight its inhabitants. Explore randomly generated worlds and build the most incredible buildings, from simple houses to majestic structures.
There are many items for creativity, many new crafting recipes and boundless worlds with unexpected finds and secrets.
Are you interested? Then download and enjoy unlimited possibilities! Build your house and your town, plant trees and plants, hunt and tame animals, develop and defend yourself from enemies. And that’s not all yet!
Microw Craft: Building & Crafting Features:
* Beautiful graphics in high resolution.
* It is supported by all modern devices.
* Free flight mode.
* Randomly generated maps with complete freedom of action.
* Dynamically changing world.
* Two game modes: survival and creativity.
* Many different blocks and objects.
* Even more items and functions.
* Different types of terrain.
* Multiplayer mode.
* For all age categories.
Download Microw Craft: Building & Crafting for free
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