Message of Stars

Life in a Clan of wild cats is not easy, but being a healer is even more difficult. You need to be responsible for lives of your friends and have a good understanding of medicinal herbs. Are you ready to accept this challenge?

The game has five endings. The fifth (secret) ending you will find ONLY after the other four.

— Click on the screen to skip dialogs.
— Click on the icon in upper right corner to exit the menu.
— Drag your finger across the screen to highlight locations in the forest.

Possible mistakes:
— Bad work: try to close all applications, clean the cache and restart the phone.
— If the game can’t running after the update, clear the application data. This will kill saves, but the game will work correctly again.
— Do not start / crashes on startup: send to the mail log (as described below).

If you have an error, please send us these files or their contents to mail( traceback.txt and log.txt together with a detailed description of the problem that occurred. These files are located here: Android/data/com.theendlesshills.message_of_stars/files

If the tips above did not help you, try playing on the computer. Version for PC can be found on our official website (

Use a contact form on our website or play market to inform us about mistakes in the translation.
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