Merge Planes Idle Tycoon: Merge Jet Clicker Games

Merge Jet 2019: The hottest game planes game today. Unlike ordinary plane games, merge jet offers a simple yet exciting gameplay.

Merge jet is a new style idle tycoon game planes. In this merge planes and idle game, you will unlock new plane by pairing the old plane, merge all planes, upgrading to a more unique aircraft. Each type of plane will have a unique feature and correspond to a certain coin value. Owning more high-end aircraft, you will earn more coins. Merchandising aircraft, upgrading planes, making money and owning diamonds has never been so exciting as in this merge planes free game.

Explore the great things in merge planes games idle tycoon
✈ The merge airplanes collection is diverse, unique
✈ Easy to assemble and integrate airplanes, merge planes all
✈ Make money and gems to buy more high-end aircraft with merge planes jet
✈ Lucky spin of the day in game planet
✈ Easy to control flight routes and airfields to help boost revenue from aircraft
✈ Manage aircraft, merge airplane easily
✈ The game merge planes has many levels with interesting challenges
✈ Play click game planes merger offline, planes game for kids
✈ Super nice graphics, interesting gameplay
✈ Install and play merge planes free game 100%

Start creating your airport today. Owning your own plane and flight has never been so fun and simple. Merge Jet is everything you need to run and upgrade an airport or plane.

Download Merge jet now to play free idle merge games idle tycoon and click. Do not forget to share the planes merge games with your friends to unite and upgrade your aircraft.

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