Max Mole Digger 3D

Arcade game where you have to solve puzzles, pass mazes, avoid traps, destroy enemies. All this with remarkable physics where you need to calculate the strength and speed. Plus great graphics worthy of game consoles. An exciting arcade game with elements of logic problems and quick decisions and actions. A small mole once found unusual stones of a strange triangular shape, crystals lay around them. Putting the crystal on the rocks in front of him opened a real portal. Mole digger was very interested, and wearing his helmet and taking a shovel, he jumped into the portal without hesitation. He found himself under the ground where he waited for the inhabitants of the dungeons, dangerous traps, and a lot of adventures. He knew what to do, you need to re-collect the crystals and unload them on the stones to get into the great Treasury and become invincible. It remains only to help him overcome everything.Download Max Mole Digger 3D for free
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