Mars Power Industries

Electrician’s job? Bring light where darkness reigns. Year after year, strange underground cogs turn faster and faster, the darkness devours the planet. Lead our colony, manage resources, solve challenging puzzles and uncover what lies beneath the surface! The colony waits…

*** Edamame 2019 Puzzle Games Award ***
“Unlike the actual Mars, it’s very gentle and inviting.” – Pocket Gamer
“Mars seduced us with its simplicity. A classic among puzzle games!” – antyApps

– Plan your space colony well & thrive! 🚀
– Your job is to deliver power and supplies, so the colony may survive. ⚡
– Just 5 moves to win every puzzle, all puzzles about logic and order of operations. 🎮
– 97 puzzles! That’s 4 hours of alien space puzzles. 💰
– Science fiction story about a Mars space colony told without words. 👽

No ads, no Internet connection required.
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