I was rebuilt

Play as R3B, an advance and agile robot created by Dr. Zhang.
In a future not far away from ours, there is a famous TV program called “Robot Annihilator Mayhem” where the robots must overcome a series of tests of increasing difficulty. The robots are exposed to great dangers like: chainsaws, guided missiles, flamethrowers, water, spikes, abyss, turrets, other enemy robots…
The robot able to complete all the 80 tests will be granted the module of free will, an advance module created by the GurilaTech corporation, allowing the robot to take his own decisions and rewrite his source code. No robot has yet completed all the test successfully.
Dr. Zhang’s goal is to create a robot that can take his own decisions and the only way he can manage that is by acquiring the module of free will.
Help R3B complete this great challenge.

The one player mode includes 80 levels that you can play in four different modes that are story mode, time trial mode, hardcore mode and mirror mode.
– Story mode: You play the 80 levels that the game has in normal mode, you can die all the times you want and there is no time limit to complete the level.
– Time trial mode: You must complete the 80 levels before the times finishes.
– Hardcore mode: You would already had a bad time dying some times, in this mode you can not die to complete the level. It is a great challenge that only the most expert player will be able to complete.
– Mirror mode: All the elements in the level are inverted and also, to make things harder, your controls are also inverted.

The multiplayer mode is a great way to play with your friends in the same device or using a LAN connection. The two game modes that are included inside the multiplayer are the minigames and the build to kill.
– Minigames: The friendship destroyer, challenge your buddies to see who is the best playing a series of minigames, each of them with different goals to win.
– Build to kill: There are two pahses that are repeated constantly until the number of established rounds is reached. In the first phase the player will pick up a hazard of the factory that they must place in the map with the aim to complicate the run for their oponents. In the second phase, all the players must try to complete the level before the rest to win more points and not die in the process.

You will be able to create levels that can be played by the Steam community or you can play already created levels.

This game is completely optimized to work with the controller, there is no need to use keyboard or mouse.

When you buy “I was rebuilt” you are not only buying this game that offers so much content at a very cheap price, you are also contributing to support us to keep on developing videogames and acquire better tools to offer better content.
We hope you enjoy our game,

The Gurila Ware Games team
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