Hexa Classic Puzzle

Hexa Classic Puzzle is a fun new blocks game that challenges you to fill up the blanks using the pieces you’re given. Watch out! All hexa pieces don’t fit into the same spaces. You’ll need to use logic and thinking skills to beat these quests. It’s the ultimate challenge!

Hexa Classic Puzzle the best time killer. It’s actually a brain training exercise. A relaxing pastime, this gameplay is simple to learn but challenging to master.

Play The Ultimate Hexagon Game

Hexa blocks games are unique in the way they’re played. Here’s how to play this addictive game:

❖ Your goal is to fit the blocks into the board.
❖ Tap, drag, and move the block pieces onto the board.
❖ Blocks fill into blank space to complete the puzzle.
❖ Discover new challenges and unique hexagonal pieces.

Why This Classic Puzzle Is So Cool

Get ready to find out the fun features of the best game in the Android store!

❖ Play at your own pace with no time limit and time counter
❖ Colorful graphics and effects: With all the colors and riddles, Hexa Classic Puzzle is an easy game to keep playing over and over again.
❖ Offline mode is supported: No WiFi needed for Hexa Classic Puzzle, so you can play offline or online right away!
❖ Relaxing game: this puzzle will help you relieve your stress with casual and addicting puzzles.
❖ Totally free game
❖ Simple gameplay just to pick up and play. Tap on the hexagonal shapes, add them into the board and complete a level.
❖ Solve unique puzzles and complete interesting shapes.

Ready to discover how much fun you can have with this no internet game? Download this challenging offline puzzle to your Android or Tablet device, and explore hundreds of levels today!

If you love our puzzle game, we will appreciate your feedback! Let us know what we can add to make your gameplay even more enjoyable and earn your 5-star review.
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