Find Clue II – Smart Tom

Find the difference between the two photos in a limited amount of time and get a clue. Find all of differences to get the next level, we set up a lot of levels and connect them in the form of a story. There are more than 10 stories waiting for your participation here.

Tom has a big family. He lives with his mom (Bella), father (David), older sister (Cindy), and older brother (Tony). This story show the baddest day in Tom’s life. Let’s get start and help Tom to get through this bad day!

Game Features:
🔎 A variety of wonderful storylines!
🔎 Use tips to help you when you are having trouble!
🔎 Excellent save/load system allows you to continue playing at any non-competitive level.
🔎 Free puzzle game to exercise your eyesight and brain.
🔎 Feel free to play anytime and anywhere!

Come and download this wonderful game-Find Clue Ⅱ! I hope you enjoy yourself! 💘💘💘
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