Fantasy Solitaire TriPeaks Premium

Fantasy TriPeaks Solitaire an ad-free card game for a relaxing moment!

TriPeaks Solitaire is a very popular classic card game loved by millions of people.
It combines simple rules with strategy, skill and patience.
Play and enjoy this free Solitaire TriPeaks game and challenge your card skills!

Each game starts with eighteen fantasy cards dealt face-down in form of three peaks, like 3 connected pyramids. On top of that is one row of cards facing up.

Your goal in Solitaire games is to remove all those cards from the table.

To do that you need to tap face-up cards which are one rank higher or lower than the card on your pile at the bottom.
The suite of it doesnt matter.

If you tap a matching card, it becomes the new topmost card on the pile and the process is repeated several times (e.g. 7-8-9-10-9-10-J-10-9-8, etc.) until you cant find any matching cards.

Meanwhile, any previously dealt face-down cards that are no longer overlapped by others are turned face-up.

After you cleared all the fantasy cards, the remaining stockpile get counted for bonus points.

In case you get stuck, you have one Joker which you can play anytime!
But use it wisely, you never know when you need it the most.

♣ Exciting & Challenging Solitaire TriPeaks
♣ Classic card game with a nice fantasy theme
♣ Challenge friends and players worldwide
♣ Easy to play, yet hard to master
♣ You can play offline – no Wifi needed
♣ Google Play Games (Optional)

Have fun!

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