Fabian Galaxy – Alien Shooter Death Machine

Fabian Galaxy has one goal in life: To rid earth of the evil alien hordes that have destroyed it and to get home to his sweetheart.

No that’s 2 goals.

2 Goals in life – destroy alien hordes, home to sweetheart, revenge the death of his father…

OK 3 goals.

– Destroy aliens
– Sweetheart
– Revenge dead dad
– Get most alien kills

OK, hold up…

Among the life goals of Fabian Galaxy are included;
– Alien top down vertical scrolling bullet hell shooter destruction
– Return earth to humans
– Bullet Hell
– Get further then anyone in this endless landscape
– Set the highest score in the world on the leaderboard
– Get bragging rights over vertical scrolling shooter players everywhere
– Sweetheart, of course
– Bullet HELL!
– Play addictive action packed game
– Easy control mechanism, hard game, easy to play
– FREE to play game, he likes that especially
– Similar to other galaxy space shooters, classic 2D top down action.
– Oh! Dead dad revenge, can’t forget that.
– Make bad puns

How To Play

– Hold your finger on bottom of screen to fire.
– Move finger left to right to move ship.
– Dodge alien bullets.
– Splatter alien bodies across landscape.
– Shoot everything that moves.

Vertically scrolling 2d Shooter game, infinite play, endless levels, random level generation.
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