ESCAPE(VIP)Secret of the Hidden Room: Collaborator

A record was found that overturned Dan’s life of a collaborator!
Was he a traitor, was he a victim, what is the truth about that days?

*’Secret of the Hidden Room: VIP’ is a paid version that removes all the ads that interfered with gameplay from the free version and instantly gets hints whenever needed, so you can enjoy the game more pleasantly with the touching story.

* Fetures of the game
Adventure room escape game that focuses on the story.
Emotional resonance just like a book of novel.
Unique spacial impression using 360 degree rotation.
Drawing sensitivity of third dimensional graphic.
20 and more kinds of various mini games.

Secret of the Hidden Room : The Collaborator is a game that you can focus on the story to solve the problems, you will be able to feel the emotions you have like when you read a novel throughout the game. As you become the main character of the game, you will follow the traces to solve various puzzles, and by watching the ending of the game, you will have a lingering feeling after.

The main character Dan is a businessman well known to be a collaborator of the Occupying Nation in the past, but was actually a warm hearted person who helped his friend’s family in danger. The story starts in an old church basement where they find Dan’s record of the past, and the suspenseful plot continues by traveling through different times and areas.

* Notice of request for authorization
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This app requests data rights for external storage for save and load, and does not access photos and media.
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