Duple – Merge Numbers Puzzle Game

Duple is a game that aims to magnify numbers by merge them. The stone blocks are located on the board. These numbers are merge when they are one under the other or side by side and give you double point. Points are earned as a result of each merge.

The board consists of 4 * 4 16 frames. When all of these squares are full, the game is over. The goal is to play the game in an infinite way without filling the board.

How to play?

The stones formed at the bottom of the screen are left in a suitable area on the board. The stones which are the same as one are tried to be merge. These stones increase as much you merge them.


You can use a bomb if you press the bomb button in the game. When you leave this bomb in any space on the board, the stones in the bottom, top, right and left of that space are wiped from the board.


The trash can button in the game allows you to change the stone that is formed at the bottom of the screen. In this way, you can throw away the stone that does not work.

Merge the stones with the numbers and start the game now. It is completely free and doesn’t require any subscription. When the stones are combined you can switch to new sections. You can destroy stones in blocks.
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