Drilla: Mine and Crafting

Drilla – it is an underground strategy that plunges into the excavation and research world.

Drill is under your control. Goal – to collect powerful drill and dig to the center of the earth. It is never boring, you can always find a mysterious thing, unknown resource or ancient treasure. Explore and mine minerals, rare or not. Upgrade your drill, craft new parts according to secret drawings. Overcome difficulties, digging through solid rocks. Try to become the best digger in the world!

Key features

A variety of minerals.
More 20 resource types are available in the game. You can mine and use every resource type for selling or crafting.

Use mined resources to upgrade your drill. More 200 details are available.

Automatic digging.
Charge a battery and it will dig and mine minerals when you offline.

World rating.
Become all leagues in the World TOP and take all rewards.

Help to a gang of mole miners every day and they will share their riches with you. They have a lot of quests, you will not be bored.

Clan system.
Create own clan or join an existing clan. Share resources with friends and compete in clans battles for underground treasures every week.

You can have an assistant in the game. It can help you with digging and decorate your Drill.

Collect collections of the ancient stuff and feel yourself like tomb raider 🙂

Tower mode.
To drill is not to build, but it can be done. Solve the easy puzzle, collect block and build the highest tower.

Sometimes you can see a Yegor…

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