Download CUTTHROAT ISLAND – Gmod Murder

“Thank you all for coming to my private island paradise. In the past, each of you crossed me in some way, yet still agreed to journey here tonight, chasing empty dreams of wealth and power. As you can see from the many heads hung upon these walls, I am an avid and fearless hunter. But these simple beasts no longer quench my blood-lust. I yearn to pursue far more formidable game. Some might call it the most dangerous game. The game known as m-“
“Wha… no. Ma-“
“No! Dammit let m-“
“It’s lions guys. Kings of the jung-“
“Hippos kill more people than anything.”
“Please let me fi-“
“How would he get a hippo on this island?”
“I read about this spider in Australia tha-“
“Forget it. I’m going to bed. The boat leaves in 20. Do please be on it.”

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