Crowd Royale

Make crowd in city & fight in battle against other crowds! CROWD ROYALE is fast paced combat game but with crowds! Each round players make their squads and fight to the last!

> Your goal is to make crowd in city as fast as you can and get into royal fight with other crowds. Round time is not limited but slow is not good in Crowd Royal. Each second brings +1 fighter to enemy crowds!

> See other player’s crowd? Lead your gang into a battle and win! Take down all opponents in city! Only one crowd can stay!

> Go wherever you want in city, but stay within the ZONE. Your crowd loses fighters, when you cross the zone line. Watchout and don’t let opponents to corner your gang.

> Collect bonuses for more effective fights with opponents. Watch the progress and level up to have supremacy in new battles. Unlock new skins to customize your crowd.

> Fast paced action matches won’t get you bored. Play royal fights with crowds anytime!

CROWD ROYALE feautures:
– It’s like crowd games but with royal battles
– Fast paced combats
– You can level up here
– Massive battles crowd vs crowd
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