Baby Panda’s Preschool Science

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Baby Panda’s Preschool Science is an educational collection of science games focusing on 7 major topics such as animals, natural science, daily necessities, and social customs, aimed specifically to provide a head start in science for preschool kids.

The Encyclopedia of Animals
– Play animal puzzles to learn the basic anatomy of the ostrich, pangolin, camel, etc.
– Bandage an injured shark and cut a fishing net to free trapped rays to foster compassion in kids.
– Help swallows build a nest, send messages with pigeons and understand the lifestyle of birds.

The Encyclopedia of Nature
– Learn about causes of different weather by controlling clouds to collect water droplets in the air and creating rainfall.
– Plant rice, gather grapes, and learn the names, shapes, and growth stages of fruits and vegetables.

The Encyclopedia of Daily Life
– 18 games themed around daily necessities to help kids identify common vehicles, household appliances, and food.
– Take care of a pregnant mother, explore the mysteries of life, and find out where the baby comes from!
– Make festive goodies, take part in festive activities, and learn about festivals and customs.

As we continue to update our educational content, BabyBus hopes that preschool kids will develop an interest in science as they learn through a series of educational games in Baby Panda’s Preschool Science.

– 7 major themes and 3 core modules provide a holistic science education for preschool kids.
– Helps preschool kids learn nearly 100 different animals, plants and daily necessities.
– Kids will develop environmental awareness as they learn about science.
– Fosters gratitude in kids and improves the parent-child relationship.

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